Lucie Pinson

Managing Director, Reclaim Finance

Lucie founded Reclaim Finance in 2020 after several years of campaigning on the responsibility of financial institutions in social, environmental and climate injustice issues. From 2013 to 2017, Lucie worked as a campaigner for Friends of the Earth France. She convinced some of the largest French insurers, banks and investors to adopt the first policies to restrict support for several fossil fuel sub-sectors. In 2018, she started working for the Sunrise Project as the European coordinator of an international anti-coal campaign targeting insurers while continuing her voluntary work for Friends of the Earth France.

This work bore fruit. By 2019, 15 of the world’s biggest insurers and reinsurers had stopped supporting new coal mines and plants. By 2021 French investors managing over 7 trillion euros in assets had adopted stringent restrictions on the coal sector, with 16 French financial actors adopting robust coal exit policies. Lucie holds a BA in History and Political Science from Rhodes University in South Africa and a double Masters degree in Political Science from the Sorbonne University in Paris. She received the Goldman Prize for the environment in November 2020, in recognition of her work on coal.

17:20 - 17:35

Fire side Chat #5