Marion Nibourel

Managing Director, La Place Fintech

Marion has been running La Place Fintech since August 2019 where she supports a community of more than 1000 members; before that, she started her career by participating in the creation of the English subsidiary of Editions Atlas in 2006 in Paris, then London, before joining the Crédit Agricole Group in 2009 where she led communication and strategic repositioning actions on the Agricultural and Professional Markets . In 2012 Marion decided to put her skills at the service of a project with a strong societal impact and co-founded a start-up supporting well-being and inclusion for disabled people, AlterMassage.

She joined in parallel in 2014 the Financing Department of LCL and In 2017, she transformed an intrapreneurship project to found the Fintech for Good using crowd-guarantee to encourage funding, MiniCautions. From Start-up to Banking and Finance to Fintech, she became Director of La Place Fintech in 2019 where her knowledge of the ecosystem and her Finance / ESS expertise allow her to assist companies in their actions of open-innovation, financing and positioning issues.

14:15 - 15:30

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