Bpifrance is the French national investment bank: it finances businesses – at every stage of their development – through grants, loans, guarantees, equity investments and export insurances – and provides also businesses with non financial support (training, acceleration and networking programs)

Some Key figures:

  • 2800 employees
  • 80000 companies accompanied
  • 50 local branches
  • 78bn€ under management (€41 bn in financing, €37bn in private equity)

As the French Sovereign Fund, Bpifrance invests in start-ups, SMEs, mid and large caps through direct investment and a fund of fund activity.

As the French Export Credit Agency, it boosts French exports, through a wide array of export insurance solutions for French companies and banks with the direct guarantee of the French State.

As the French national promotional bank, it guarantees bank loans for over 80 000 companies per year and finances directly alongside banks investments and the digital transformations of SMEs and midcaps.

As the French innovation agency, Bpifrance supports businesses from R&D to growth and deploys a deeptech plan in cooperation with French universities.

As the climate bank for businesses, Bpifrance has made Environmental and energetic transition its strategic priority and deploys the climate dimension across all its loan, guarantee, innovation and equity products