ClimateSeed is a Social Business launched by BNP Paribas in collaboration with Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Prof. Yunus’ team. We aim to support emission reduction projects and enhance sustainability goals. We help organizations contribute transparently to trustworthy projects that preserve the planet, help local communities, and protect biodiversity. As a Social Business, we are 100% committed to supporting social and environmental programs to fight climate change. ClimateSeed makes climate action transparent through its services and tools. It increases security and efficiency for its clients through a thorough three-level verification process that is built on a simple, secure, and user-friendly digital platform and tools.

As part of the Net Zero Initiative (NZI), ClimateSeed believes that strategies to decarbonize organizations’ value chains must be undertaken in parallel with strategies to deal with their present carbon emissions by supporting emission reduction projects and thus accelerating climate action to reach global net-zero emissions. More info on